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Trend Bot using SuperTrend Indicator

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PeterP153since: 02 Nov 2016

Looking for a cBot to use the SuperTrend indicator.


the bot is to initiate a buy order when the dot colour changes from red to green and to initiate a sell order when the dot colour changes from green to red.

variables required are:

1. Symbol

2. Timeframe

3 Change delay count  (how many bars the colour change has occured before initiate the trade)

3. Max Spread

4. Amount in Lots 

5. Take Profit (pips)

6. Stop Loss (pips)

Egor_Sorokinsince: 02 Nov 2016
111 days ago

Hi! I wrote PM to you.

I can do this right now.

chokdeejangsince: 02 Nov 2016
93 days ago

I interest in your project. Please contact for more info and details.
Mail : chokdeejang@gmail.com