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by afhacker in category Other at 10/08/2016

It's my dashboard that I use everyday for my trading so I decided to share it in here, It has a lot of functionalities that helps you to know what's going on in market also it works as an standalone Windows App with modern UI.

Current Version Features:

Shows strong / weak currencies and pairs

Shows correlation

Shows volatility based on four different indicators

Shows trend direction


Strong / Weak

Strong / Weak calculation method is based on :


Select the pair and it will show you the correlation:


It shows the amount of standard deviation, ATR and ABR(Average bar range) in Pips also Chaikin indicator value:


For finding trend direction it use three technical indicators MA, RSI and MACD:

And "Start Tab", You can change the dashboard settings there:

For changing the dashboard Symbols click on "Symbols" button:



How to install
Warning! Executing the following cBot may result in loss of funds. Use it at your own risk.
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Formula / Source Code
Language: C#
Trading Platform: cAlgo
using System;
using System.Linq;
using cAlgo.API;
using cAlgo.API.Indicators;
using cAlgo.API.Internals;
using cAlgo.Indicators;

namespace cAlgo
    [Robot(TimeZone = TimeZones.UTC, AccessRights = AccessRights.None)]
    public class Blank : Robot
        [Parameter(DefaultValue = 0.0)]
        public double Parameter { get; set; }

        protected override void OnStart()
            // Put your initialization logic here

        protected override void OnTick()
            // Put your core logic here

        protected override void OnStop()
            // Put your deinitialization logic here

trend_meanreversion - August 11, 2016 @ 10:51

Hi mate,.i use a similar tool but in mt4. I tried dowloading your *.algo file and put in cBot and loaded it with a symbol but nothing happened. Do you want to provide some directions to install and run your Dashboard ?

afhacker - August 11, 2016 @ 11:04

@trend_meanreversion Did you download it from my Google drive link?

trend_meanreversion - August 11, 2016 @ 11:07

Thanks mate..i was loading in cTrader so it wasn't working as expected. Now tried on cAlgo and it worked like a charm. Thanks a ton for the tool !!

afhacker - August 11, 2016 @ 11:13

@trend_meanreversion I'm using it on my cTrader and it works without any problem.

ColossusFX - August 11, 2016 @ 18:09

amazing bro :)

trend_meanreversion - August 14, 2016 @ 10:52

Hi afhacker,

Somehow it is not working on cTrader for me but i can use cAlgo for the time being. Great effort and really nice tool.

Can i ask for something which might be helpful to everyone in my opinion ..

1) Is it possible to store Strong/Weak currencies in a text file every 60 minutes ( or rather at AutoUpdate minutes settings ) so that one can create a database of strong/weak currencies for several days and then can analyze/backtest and create novel strategies .

In any case, it is a nice tool and again thanks for everything..!!



afhacker - August 14, 2016 @ 20:16


Yeah that's possible I will consider to add such thing in newer version.

isakov2 - August 21, 2016 @ 01:10

hi dear friend i've tride to install it, but the cbot is empty..can you direct me how to instal it properly?


afhacker - August 21, 2016 @ 09:31


Go to this link :

And click "Download".

alizabe - August 21, 2016 @ 18:39

tried everything but still not working. downloaded from your link also. then tried to build it in clago by the code, and its giving error too.


afhacker - August 21, 2016 @ 20:44


The link that I gave for "isakov2" is already build-ed so you not need to rebuild it, If you want to see the code and have the whole project you can download the project from GitHub as a zip file and then extract it on your cAlgo robots folder then move "afhacker Dashboard.algo" file from project folder to cAlgo\Sources\Robots, Open your cAlgo and you will be able to see the code also you can build it.

jumpsolid - October 19, 2016 @ 23:33

Hello Afhacker,

would you be willing to code a dashboard based on the ichimoku?

If interested, drop me an email please :)




algoforce - October 25, 2016 @ 14:20

I really like your dashboard, can you help me add into the code to automatically sort the DataGrid for the MA and RSI , so that it displays all the UP together, then Down together and also same for the ATR , to display ascending all biggest moving pairs on top. I know we can click to sort, but automatically is always best for sorting the data.

If you don't have time to implement can you make a simple example code of how to sort the

Rows.Add(symCode, maResult, rsiResult, macdResult, trendResult);