02 Jan 2017, 03:08Paranoia#1
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How exactly confidential are trading robots?

The input you use can probably by gathered, but that's managable;

Yet is my robot in cAlgo a program on its own that only outputs orders or calgo/ctrader has access to it and processes instructions it contains?

Sorry for a dumb question

08 Jan 2017, 19:49100% secured#2
krickaposts: 409since: 13 Mar 2013

cBots from the prospect of being secured I would say is 100%. The algorithms used in protecting your cBot coding from unauthorized gathering is minimal.

Furthermore distributing a cBot with encryption method used by Spotware team in both cAlgo and cTrader has the same high standard as well. You can feel safe in this regard.
09 Jan 2017, 12:23Confirmed#3
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Additionally, all cBots are hosted locally on your machine. Spotware will never see your source code. 


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