Alert to all positions

09 Jan 2017, 18:12Alert to all positions#1
kaliszczak1991posts: 9since: 16 Jun 2016

Hello, I usually have open few positions and have one problem.

Is there any bot or alert that will give me a sign when sum of all positions will be 0?

09 Jan 2017, 19:17Positions P&L warning#2
krickaposts: 409since: 13 Mar 2013

Alerts 1.0 can solve your concern of being warned when criteria's are fulfilled. In the parameter setup of the cBot there is an alert that can be set to inform you when the positions p&l is reached. Also, the warning can be emailed and even a sound file can be played, to get your fullest attention that the alert has been triggered.

Information and download link: Alerts 1.0