ROI? % gained? Deposits?

14 May 2016, 14:28ROI? % gained? Deposits?#1
cloesdposts: 45since: 28 Feb 2015

I'm looking at some of these, and they seem to be showing deposits are account gain?


If you look at this guy it looks like he made 860% gain in 1 month.

Is this true?

If you look at his deposits though:


He has deposited $37,000?


23 May 2016, 13:25#2
malinga.ratwatteposts: 26since: 07 Apr 2016

I noticed the same - the charts are very misleading. On some accounts, the chart tends upwards when in fact the trades are overall loss making. You need to check the trade statistics to get a better idea. Spotware should really make their charts more representative.

23 May 2016, 13:28#3
malinga.ratwatteposts: 26since: 07 Apr 2016


If you look here, even though the chart tends upwards, the account is clearly loss making. This is going to mislead many, many users.

24 May 2016, 17:27#4
lucianposts: 211since: 26 Dec 2015