Mirror account trades don't match signal accounts trades

05 Jun 2016, 14:39Mirror account trades don't match signal accounts trades#1
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I have recently started testing cMirror with a signal account and several accounts to mirror this signal account.

I placed a trade on the GER30 indices with the signal account with a TP of 30 points. The order was placed and the TP was taken on the signal account with a TP of 39 points.The market moved quickly through my TP so with the liquidity I got the extra 9 points on my signal account!

When I checked my accounts that mirror this signal account the TP was 29, not the TP 30 of my signal account.

My question is why on my mirror accounts did the TP only give me 29 instead of mirroring my signal account of TP 39?



07 Jun 2016, 14:50#2
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Dear Trader,

As explained though our feedback channel the difference could happen with the few milliseconds the accounts need to mirror each other.
We kindly ask you to contact your Broker regarding any execution questions you may have.

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