Cmirror needs to be re-made

24 Jun 2016, 07:25Cmirror needs to be re-made#1
cloesdposts: 45since: 28 Feb 2015

The bugs on this platform just keep getting worse to the point where it's not even trustable anymore.

Both images below are taken at the same time. At the top it says 35k USD is in the account.

At the bottom balance is 20k... Equity is 13k.

But unrealized profit/Loss is only $700?

There's 3 conflicting pieces of information on this one page.

Don't misunderstand me, I love the platform and functionally it's good. just the UI is presented crazy information, and you can't rely on it to make any decision quickly. 


31 Oct 2016, 23:57#2
kazuarposts: 6since: 07 Oct 2016

I agree, cMirror has a lot of bugs. It doesn't refresh the data and for me the page refreshes all the time which makes in impossible to use.