cTrader - Additional tick charts

16 Aug 2017, 15:13cTrader - Additional tick charts#1
Spotwareposts: 3274since: 23 Sep 2013

Soon you will have a larger selection of predefined ticks for building tick chart. You will be able to set tick charts from 1 tick up to 1000 ticks. At the same time loading time will be improved drastically. You can see below an early version of the new tick charts feature.


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17 Aug 2017, 16:55#2
der.timoschposts: 2since: 17 Aug 2017

Coming from AgenaTrader I was appreciated to be able to define custom Tick Charts. So in my eyes this will be a great addition to this platform!

24 Aug 2017, 17:24#3
Marin0ssposts: 11since: 07 Jun 2014

Great!! Thanks for adding this feature!

01 Sep 2017, 04:31#4
darkmatter_fxposts: 3since: 12 Jul 2017

This is great news! Keep up the good work

05 Oct 2017, 01:12#5
DEPESH MOHINDRAposts: 2since: 22 Aug 2015

Hey there, how soon will we able to use this feature ?



05 Oct 2017, 09:19#6
Panagiotis Charalampousposts: 160since: 13 Jan 2017

Hi Depesh,

There isn't a release date for this feature yet. However it is in the last stages of development so it should come out soon.

Best Regards,


Head of Community Management at cTrader