Late alerts?

21 Dec 2016, 10:21Late alerts?#11
jaredthirskposts: 33since: 18 Dec 2015

Same problem.  Haven't paid too close attention but it looks like several minutes, maybe 30 minutes late.  

Broker: IC Markets but if more than one broker is having a problem maybe it's not their issue.

07 Jan 2017, 21:24Alerts cBot#12
krickaposts: 409since: 13 Mar 2013

Late alerts can probably vary depending on the broker and how the email function works at a specific time, like news.. Therefore having alerts and warnings handled by a VPS might speed up the delivery. Have a look at the Alerts 1.0 cBot, it is primarily a warning cBot that gives warnings when the set up of the parameters are triggered. Sound and email supported.

Information link: Alerts 1.0