Blinking prices

21 Dec 2016, 23:36Blinking prices#1
full.eclipsedposts: 1since: 21 Dec 2016

Hi there !

I have an issue with the cTrader platform.

The price bar and currency prices are blinking.

Candlesticks are in weird positions.

I look up on the forum and couldn't find anything.

Thank You !

23 Dec 2016, 15:55#2
Spotwareposts: 3276since: 23 Sep 2013


Thanks for the screen shots. It would be useful if you could tell us when this occured and if it is reccuring without that information I would suggest that this has occured during a weekend while we are performing a major system update. This premise is based on the fact that the markets are closed.

Many thanks,

cTrader Team

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