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29 Dec 2016, 17:23Web platform - error#1
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Hello, I open a demo account and when I log in look what happened ... I save few working space but no one can not activate. in the right corner "chart trading layout" dissapear ... I attach few images ... 

PS: working just in full screen but I can not activate other workspace... that is not happened until now on demo or live account. 

I use Google Chrome on Mac El Capitan; core i7 -  3.2 GHz; 16 Gb DDR3 

29 Dec 2016, 18:06#2
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Thanks for bringing this to our attention and for the screenshot. As we requested in our email, could you please send us the errors from the console in Chrome. Press F12, go to console tab, click "Filter" click "Errors" and send these contents to us. 



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30 Dec 2016, 10:20#3
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Hello, I send errors in email to ...