Highlighting of Indicators on mouse over needs an off switch

03 Jun 2017, 21:29Highlighting of Indicators on mouse over needs an off switch#1
lec0456posts: 382since: 14 Nov 2012

Since the new update, there are many complaints of the chart functionality with regards to indicator selection. This is an interesting feature but it gets in the way once you setup your indicators.  There should be a way to turn this feature off by right clicking the chart and selecting "indicator selection" or something like that.  Other wise, it needs to be scrapped. It is very annoying.

28 Jul 2017, 11:45#2
Spotwareposts: 3313since: 23 Sep 2013

Dear lec0456,

Thanks for posting your suggestion. We have forwarded your proposal to the product team for consideration in one of the future releases of cTrader. We will keep you updated.

Best Regards,

cTrader Team

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12 Aug 2017, 13:27#3
dsobeyposts: 3since: 29 May 2017

I agree please turn off the highlighting of lines and indicators. If you use a black chart it makes ctrader it is distracting and almost impossible to use.

It never used to be there.

Please fix this it is extremely frustrating.

If I put a line or moving average on the chart I will leave it there and not need to amned very often. It dosen't need to highlight everytime a mouse moves over it.

07 Mar 2018, 18:04#4
elmstreettradingposts: 2since: 07 Mar 2018

Has this been sorted out yet?

08 Mar 2018, 02:16#5
lec0456posts: 382since: 14 Nov 2012

Not to my knowledge.  Same anoying indicator selection behavior.

08 Mar 2018, 09:42#6
Panagiotis Charalampousposts: 872since: 13 Jan 2017

Hi all,

This has been added to our backlog but for a future release.

Best Regards,


Head of Community Management at cTrader