Successfull MT4 ea needs to be coded into cAlgo

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jhenrikbsince: 06 Mar 2014

Hello. I am the owner of a successfull MT4 EA which is a tested and proven profitable longterm. This has also been sold earlier commercially but we shut down the company because of personal reasons. 

I have taken fond of the cAlgo platform and want to use this to find more optimizations for this EA.

The reason for the cAlgo platform is because of a backtest on a live-record period proved to be 98% accurate. Meaning I can trust past results much more then in MT4.


We wont give you any money, but you will keep a copy of the source for yourself (obviously).


For now I have converted it with 2calgo.com but it's using ages to do a backtest so this i why i was hoping for a "clean" version of it. 


Send me an email on j.henrikb@gmail.com if this sounds intresting and you want to look at the project. If you want to discuss price or whatsoever.



John Berg

GoldnOil750since: 06 Mar 2014
366 days ago



if the code in MT4 is clear and logical and does not depend on external data, then converting it to cALGO wont be a problem.    Let me know how we can go about this.  can accept payments thru SKRILL.com only.

will give you a clear and commented code so it is easy to maintain.