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Translate ProRealTime to cAlgo

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suradisince: 14 Oct 2016

To all c# developers,
The development is a straight-forward programming translation exercise from BASIC (ProRealTime ProOrder Automated Trading system) to c# (cAlgo).
I have personally developed an algorithm written in the BASIC programming language and require this to be accurately translated to c#
What is required?
All parameters and functional requirements of the given code to be translated to c#
What will you be given?
Original BASIC code, approximately 160 lines
A copy of the vendors tutorial that explains how the algorithm was written, including explanation of parameters and functions
What is expected?
The c# code will need to be implemented on the Spotware cAlgo platform and therefore built for compatibly 

Who will be award the job?
The prospective c# developer who also provides a tutorial and documentation that clearly articulates the source c# code to users.
The prospective c# developer who adds value to the efficiency and simplicity of the underlying code.
Experience with Spotware cAlgo is considered essential

**Serious developrs please contact me to view orginal code

Waxysince: 14 Oct 2016
401 days ago

Hello suradi

I can do this project for you, please consider I work only with freelancer.

Please contact for more info and details of the bot:

Mail: waxavi@outlook.com
Freelancer: waxavi
Skype: hixavi

suradisince: 14 Oct 2016
400 days ago

Waxy has been awarded this job. Thanks everyone for their interest.