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Pattern recognition indicator

Payment method:  Direct Payment Job posted on 20 Oct 2016, 15:19
a9mtrsince: 24 Aug 2016



Im looking a great indicator like the ones avalible for MT4? Like ZUP, Harmonic etc.. That identifies all types of patterns on the charts. It should be able to use on any sympbol on any timeframe because the pattern rules (fib levels) are the same no matter what symbol or timeframe you are on.

Should be able to identify Bat, Shark, Gartley, Butterfly, Crab, The Three Drives, AB-CD and Cypher (Royal Canadian) And others. 

And draw them directly on the chart with all pattern info aswell. Name, fib levels, entry zone etc. etc.

Should be possible to change what patterns you want to identify both bullish and bearish, should be able to alarm you when patterns are forming ie. flashing symbol light or something, colors options etc. etc. 


Does anyone have the knowledge to make this? 

scottlindhsince: 24 Aug 2016
383 days ago

Lol not for 20$ ...
You ask for one of the most hardest indicators to make.....
You are looking at thousands.

And even with payment of thousdands i would not like to do this project.

ctid291299since: 24 Aug 2016
291 days ago