cTrader Trade Copier

Payment method:  Direct Payment Job posted on 13 Nov 2016, 12:23
nhensince: 28 Mar 2014

Can I please get a reasonable quote for building an algo for cTrader that allows me to copy trades between cTrader accounts. I understand this can be done by leveraging the cTrader API, and enable copying between accounts while bypassing any need to interact between two instances of cTrader.



  • Copy trades taken from a master cTrader account, to sub-accounts.
    • Ability to choose which accounts receive the trades
    • Ability to choose the lot sizing each sub-account executes the trades at
    • All TPs and SLs are copied from the master to subs
    • All modifications of TPs and SLs are copied from master to subs
    • All closing, and partial closing, of positions, is copied from master to subs
    • Advanced TP feature, when set on master account, is copied between master and subs (not necessary if blows out costing)

Any questions please let me know.

FX4BTCsince: 28 Mar 2014
370 days ago

I am also interested in this project. I'd be willing to pay half of the bill. I'd also like to open source the project so others can benefit from the final software and make modifications as necessary.  - contact hedgebitconi@fx4btc.com - Thank you

scandisksince: 28 Mar 2014
367 days ago

Hi I would like the same thing and would chip in a small fee too! I think this should be apart of the community to share and develop!


eventsince: 28 Mar 2014
357 days ago

I have studies for this topic.
I'm ready to hear Your suggestions.

afhackersince: 28 Mar 2014
349 days ago

Finally we finished the cMulti!

You can download it's demo version or buy it from here : https://www.algodeveloper.com/17-cmulti

nhensince: 28 Mar 2014
344 days ago

Thank you afhacker!

Will be checking this out for sure, looks like it has close all of the required functionality.