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trailing stop based on indicator

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swingfishsince: 25 Jun 2016

i have a converted indicator which draws a box arround the recent priceaction with a range-area

so all values you will need are avaiable already (no calculation or smart action needed)

the bot should do the following things:

once start button is pressed:

  • place/move Stoploss to the range top/bottom
    if sell: range bottom
    if buy: range top
  • if RSI (already loaded with the indicator) gets weaker close 50% of the order and 
  • on each new candle move the SL to the new plottet Range Top/bottom


  • sell 50% Yes/No
  • RSI range (percentage allowed to drop/raise for the 50% sell
    (if value = 2 mean a drop from 49 to 47 will trigger the sell or on a sell position a gain from 38 to 40

very simple stuff .. as all values are already given


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