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  • @FEP: I run this cBot on my VPS for cutting losses at 1% Max Drawdown. I haven't needed any new features. I think all trading platforms should have this simple feature built in (equity protection) to save traders from unexpected losses. 
  • @News Robot: You can use trade copier from ctrader to your mt4, but I don't see the reason to do so because this platform is better for news trading.  
  • @MT to cTrader Trade Copier: @MindBreaker - https://github.com/breakermind/cAlgoCopier/blob/master/cAlgoSignalProvider.algo - Why not keep the socket connection open? Such as provider <-> server <-> client    that way, the instant a trade opens it will be relayed to the client because a socket connect is open between the two
  • @MT to cTrader Trade Copier: Can this be used to copy cTrader to cTrader using the same method?  Please view my job listing here - http://ctdn.com/jobs/105
  • @MT2cTrader Trade Copier: Can this be converted to use from cTrader to cTrader with same method?
  • @RNAfx Twitter Indicator #forex: please include a zip file with dlls   Newtonsoft.Json SuperSocket.ClientEngine.Common SuperSocket.ClientEngine.Core SuperSocket.ClientEngine.Protocol WebSocket4Net


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Forex Equity Protection works by setting a limit to your drawdown(floating loss) based on a preset percentage of your choice. Protect your Account balance and more importantly your equity with simple software that saves your forex account with equity protection. Limit your losses while trading forex with equity protection which cuts your losses at predefined percentage levels. Forex Equity Protection(FEP) prevents future losses by closing your losing positions without your decision. You can setup the FEP one time on your VPS and protect your account equity from being exposed to unknown forex volatility. More features coming soon  
01 Feb 2015