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  • @ClickAlgo Trend Analyser: Hi Pau Hayes long time no talking I'm retaking trading hard time doing my career i was wondering since fxstreet changed the page this cbot still work? I mean I'm still trying but there's a Null Exception in the Log
  • @cAlgo4u Simplified Excel Read: http://www.calgo4u.com/tutorials/algo-excel-integration.html this is the broken link that apparently is not working
  • @cAlgo4u Simplified Excel Read: Hi paul thank you for this Robot im trying to acces to the link that has the information of How to Install it but is seems to be broken can you helo me 
  • @Fisher Transformation: Sorry I might be wrong but can you explain me why do you calculate the fisher transform without calculating the Correlation coefficient ? thank you
  • @cAlgo4u TrueFx Real Time Prices: Hi Paul its me Omar Thank you for sharing this amazing tools i would like to know if TrueFX also offers Market Depth or Level II Real-Time Data Appreciate it.
  • @Trend Analyser: Sorry I just tried to compile the robot and the reference was succefully done but this was displayed Error CS0006: Metadata file 'system.net.http.webrequest' could not be found
  • @RSI & Boll Bands w Threshold activation: lol you make two trailing stops two open methods too much code useless, you can parametrize the method with string label 
  • @Smart Grid:  in the method private long fer(long ic_9, int bk_4) he never actuallyuses this variavle what is funny long gd_i = Symbol.VolumeStep;
  • @Smart Grid: i dont find you my facebook is: https://www.facebook.com/omar.hernandez.167189
  • @Smart Grid: hi spike do u use any social network like facebook or linkedIn Id like to talk to u


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This time I'm sharing my personal indicator it does calculates weighted standard deviation per side to get the upper and lower volatility the advantage of differentiating the volatilities is that allows the Cbots and the Trader to identify which side is the market getting increasing volatility, is also useful to set SL & TP protections based on the indicator. I recommend a timeframe = 30M Periods=14. Example of how to invocate the measurements: // OnStart() wssd = Indicators.GetIndicator(MarketSeries.Close, 14); // OnTick() double upperVol=wssd.SDUp.LastValue; double lowerVol=wssd.SDDown.LastValue; Yellow Line represents upper volatility and blue represents lower volatility.
30 Apr 2016
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